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Finally! Best Ticket Broker!

No Fees! Free Delivery!

Use the code LEGITTICKET to get 15% OFF of any ticket purchased on Megaseats!

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Gametime Pros:

  • Gametime is a mobile-first ticket broker that has both Android and iOS applications.
  • It is very convenient to use the service
  • There are practically no technical failures in the operation
  • High level of trust in the company from customers
  • You don’t need to print the tickets.
  • You can buy tickets to the event at the very last moment

Gametime Cons:

  • Traffic is slightly lower than that of competitors
  • The choice of tickets for events cannot be called very large
  • High fees

Gametime Summary:

The service is most popular among young people. This is largely due to its mobility: the application works on mobile devices. The expert assessment of the service is quite high. The service is given 7 and 8 points out of 10. At the same time, users rate the service somewhat lower, largely because they think the assortment is insufficient and the prices seem overpriced.  Despite the disadvantages, young people like to use the service and willingly buy tickets on it. Fans of the older generation prefer to use more global venues for ticket sales.

What is Gametime?

Gametime is a unique mobile application of its kind, which makes it possible to buy and sell tickets in mobile mode, which is very convenient. The application was developed by specialists of Gametime United Inc. The app was released for iOS in 2013. It cannot be said that the service immediately became very popular: it won the trust of users for quite a long time. In 2014, the app became available to Android users. A big role in the progress of the application was played by investors who believed in the success and profitability of this idea. More than $40 million was invested in the development of the application at the initial stages. The application is very convenient to use. Using only a mobile phone, you can buy tickets for various events from music concerts to sports matches. The application has its algorithm according to which it works. The developers of the application call the algorithm very effective and are sure that every year more and more fans will use the application. The creators of the application did not expect a quick success: according to their plan, the company will reach its peak of popularity in 2023. Now more and more fans prefer this application because buying a ticket from a customer in it there is no need to print it out. You just need to show the barcode sent at the entrance. At this time, the company’s management is actively working to expand the range of tickets offered. Often, customers complain about the lack of choice. The strategic plans of the creators of the service also include optimization of the technical features of the service, as well as the acceleration of its work. One of the company’s priorities is to pay attention to the authenticity of the tickets sold.

How does Gametimе work?

The work of the service coincides with the work of similar legit reliable and safe ticket companies. However, this application has some differences, most customers prefer to buy tickets at the last moment. The application successfully works with ticket suppliers all over the world. The company pays special attention to the reliability of cooperation. A specially developed algorithm allows the application to show the client the best options according to the price and location. As a rule, when selling a ticket, you can see the view that will open to you directly from the purchased seat. This service is incredibly popular among fans and it is considered one of the most successful ideas of the application.

The design of the service deserves praise: a bright, intuitive interface, which is a pleasure to work with. On the main page, you can select events by category.

You can also see the seats and the cost in an accessible mode.

Payment transactions are processed using Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Important The service uses the function of optical recognition of the authenticity of the ticket in the photo. That is why many consider it the most reliable and safe. Important! A few years ago, the service developed a feature to speed up work with the service. According to the company’s executives, it takes only three clicks to get a ticket for sale, and this is a real record.

Can you trust Gametime?

The company does everything possible to maintain the trust of customers. The service’s website contains a so-called guarantee, which they present to their customers. So, the warranty states that the service guarantees timely delivery to ticket buyers. The management of the service pays a lot of attention to the issue of delivery and tries to prevent all possible problems associated with delivery. If for some reason the ticket is not delivered to the buyer on time, then there are two ways to solve the problem. The first option is to replace the ticket with a comparable one. The second option is a refund to the buyer. In both cases, the service guarantees that the client will not lose. If the event for which the ticket was purchased was canceled, the service gives a refund guarantee. Important! This information is not related to the postponed events.

Gametime customer service

The service support service can be contacted by phone number (888) 355-0132 or by email Unfortunately, the telephone connection does not always work, but the service employees always respond to the email very promptly. You can also write your question to the support staff of the contractor

There is a special interactive window. Important! To use this type of communication, you will need to register first. It is very easy to register on the website. Company executives have repeatedly said that ease of use is a priority for them. So, registration is very simple.

You fill in the required fields. If you don’t want to create a new account, then you can link your Facebook account to the site.

Users of the service often pay attention to the fact that support staff are very polite and do not lose their composure even in the most difficult situations.

How much are Gametime fees?

You can often hear complaints that the fees in the service are overstated. Sometimes this is because many different tickets are sold in the application at a high price. Fees are a certain percentage of the ticket price and the amounts of these fees are constantly changing. Many experts do not recommend this service precisely because of inflated commissions, at the same time emphasizing that this application is completely legit reliable, and safe.

In turn, the company’s executives deny the existence of high commissions, stating that they try to keep the commission at a low level even in the most difficult times. On average, the commission is from 25 percent of the ticket price and you. The commission varies depending on various factors such as the ticket category, their number, and others.

Gametime cancellation fee

As many people remember, mass cancellations of concerts and sports matches began to occur at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns. At that moment, many people were panicking and trying to hand over tickets not even for canceled concerts. Ticket sales services have gone through very difficult times. During the mass cancellation of tickets, many lost the status of legit reliable and safe, simply because they could not cope with the large influx of cancellations. Nevertheless, Gametime was able to survive in the most difficult moments and, in turn, returned the money to customers for cancellation, the service initially guarantees that money for a completely canceled concert will be returned without fail. Of course, there were precedents. They occurred during the coronavirus pandemic and some customers of the service complained that the money was not returned to them and could not resolve the issue. The company’s management denies such cases and insists that customers should carefully read the contract before buying and selling tickets. Because clients sometimes made demands that did not comply with the rules at all.

Ticket Guarantee

The service provides its customers with several guarantees and tries to always follow its principles. So, for example, the service guarantees that it will present the lowest prices. You can apply for the lowest price guarantee, for this, you need to contact Gametime within two hours after purchase. In addition, the service guarantees a refund in case of cancellation of the event. Perhaps this is one of the most important points that attract many users with similar services. “If your event is canceled and not rescheduled, you will automatically receive 110% of the cost of your purchase,” the website says. Important! The service does not accept refunds within 72 hours from the start of the event. Sometimes there are exceptions, but this happens in very rare cases. If you have questions about a refund, it is tedious to write to The refund will be equal to the original purchase price. It is worth noting that the company’s employees check the cancellation of events because sometimes fraud is also found on the part of buyers who are trying to return a concert ticket that has not been canceled.

Gametime scams

The company does everything possible to maintain the reputation of being legit reliable and safe. This company cares about its reliability, and therefore many customers position the service as a reliable ticket source. The company’s management states that trustworthiness and legitimacy are in the first place for them. Special security services are doing everything possible to prevent the sale of fake electronic tickets. Unfortunately, despite all the measures taken, it is not always possible to avoid unpleasant situations, as evidenced by the reviews.

Q How much does Gametime charge to sell tickets?

The exact amount is not disclosed, because fees are constantly changing and ticket prices are also changing. On average, the company pays from 25-30 percent of the cost of each ticket. Even though many publications write about inflated Even though profitable services of the individual plan.

Q Are Gametime tickets legit?

Yes, the tickets that the legit service sells. At least this is guaranteed by the company's managers. On the website, you can read the information that the activity of the service is legal, legal, and transparent. The service uses a system for recognizing the authenticity of tickets using photos, which is very important, not every service uses this function. The service pays special attention to the authenticity and legality of tickets.

Q How to tell if Gametime tickets are fake?

The company states that it is responsible for the authenticity of tickets that are sold on the site. But if there is a situation in which you have received a fake and it is you should immediately contact the customers' service. You are also required to provide proof that the ticket turned out to be fake.

Q When is the best time to buy tickets on Gametime?

Many customers of the site buy a ticket about 7 days before the start of the event. According to the observations of some fans, this is the best option. This option does not always justify itself, but in most cases, the prices are reduced a week before the event. By the way, many similar services are trying to avoid this trend and are doing everything possible for this, but Gametime does not see anything wrong with this.

Q What happens if Gametime tickets don't arrive?

Such situations happen very rarely about this service. However, if such an unpleasant situation occurs, then you should immediately contact the seller and the support service. Often, the service staff offers to change the ticket and send you a ticket to another concert or refund the ticket price. Kadlaya citation results on an individual basis.

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