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3 Reviews for Tickets On Sale Reviews – Is  Tickets On Sale Legit, Safe and Reliable?



1 Reviews

Tickets for sale

5.0/ 5

I have 3 STRAY KIDS tickets up for sale anyone interested in purchasing them please send me a direct message… (228) 900-8066 Great seats assured and also willing to negotiate price

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1 Reviews


1.0/ 5

THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM, DO NOT USE! I paid for tickets that were never transferred to me, had to talk to customer 5 times, spent hours trying to deal with them, they admitted that they didn’t have proof that the seller transferred the tickets to my email address but then refused to give me a refund. Money down the drain. DO NOT USE!

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1 Reviews

Company is a scam! Stay away!

1.0/ 5

Custer support will only hang up on you after waiting a long time. This is the last place I would buy tickets

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Ticketsonsale Pros:

  • The support service works fast and promptly
  • The site is very easy to use
  • There are almost no problems related to transactions
  • Strict compliance with the established rules

 Tickets On Sale Cons:

  • Periodically there are problems with updating the page and the assortment of tickets
  • Users want to see a wider selection of hard-to-reach activities
  • High fees
  • Sometimes there are problems with adding a ticket to the website Summary:

If we talk about the site in general, then according to reviews on Trustpilot, 60 percent of users are satisfied with the service. There are also enough dissatisfied people: as a rule, customer dissatisfaction is caused by confusion with tickets, too large fees, or technical failures of various kinds. It is worth noting that Ticketsonsale has a very well-established contact with customers: many users call the service very “responsive”. The fact is that the management does not deny its disadvantages, but instead listens to criticism. For example, the service managers previously took into account multiple customer wishes regarding delivery optimization. As a result, at the moment sellers provide many different delivery options to ensure you”ll receive your tickets in time for your event, even if you place the order last minute. These options include email tickets, secure electronic transfer, special deliveries, or overnight shipping. In addition, the service is very convenient because it accepts different types of payment. You can pay for the ticket of your choice with such cards as:

  • Visa
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal

Regarding payment, many users like this detail: the service never withdraws money from your card until the seller provides a guarantee that tickets are available and that there are no obstacles before the order is completed. The amount can simply be “frozen” until confirmed by the seller.

If you look at the situation as a whole, the number of positive reviews exceeds the criticism addressed to On the other side according to TicketsOnSale ranks 175th among Tickets sites.

What is Tickets On Sale? – a site that is liked by users all over the world because this particular site is a good example of an independent ticket sales platform. This website professionally specializes in the fact that it successfully uses new technologies, keeps up with progress, and constantly optimizes the process of ticket sales. The company also pays great attention to the issue of safety, the safety of the delivery is one of the main priorities. Knowing that it is with the delivery of competitors’ sites that problems often arise, Ticketsonsale paid very much attention to this aspect. To briefly describe this service, it helps network users from any device at any time to purchase tickets for events of interest. It is important to understand that has nothing to do with either the venue, the ticket offices, or the main suppliers. The site works in such a way that the tickets offered by the sellers can be sold at a price that differs from the market. The essence is that is simply a platform for making deals. This is convenient for all participants in the process. If all the steps of the purchase and sale process are carried out without failures, then everyone is satisfied with the result. It is ensuring an easy and successful transaction that is the goal of the company’s employees. – legit reliable and safe. This fact is documented. The company’s activities are completely legal and have no dark sides.

It is worth noting that the orders are protected by a buyer’s guarantee, ensuring that the tickets are certified as genuine and will arrive on time for your event.

How does Ticketsonsale work?

Each legit reliable and safe ticket website operates approximately according to the same generally accepted scheme. Using the site is very simple, just go to the main page and the further action plan is already clear. You will be asked to pull out the event you are interested in from the category music, sports, theaters. The range of tickets is very large. It is fashionable to find events for every taste. You can also search for events of interest to you using the location.

By choosing the event or artist you are interested in, following the instructions, you can easily buy a ticket.

You will also be offered a diagram of the seats of the auditorium or stadium, where you can see the sections and the location of your seat on the stage. Then you just have to choose the number of tickets to buy and buy them.

It is important to understand that this site is a segment of the secondary ticket market and works according to all the rules and procedures of this segment. This means that the tickets displayed on the site come from people who themselves purchased tickets from the source. Most often, the initial source is the cash register or the website of the team and or the performer. Important”! It is the intermediaries who place tickets on the Ticketsonsale website. The site is not a seller, so the prices are not controlled by Ticketsonsale. To avoid misunderstandings, it is very important to understand this point. Of course, many are afraid of fraud. But, fraud happens everywhere. Here is an example: if you bought a ticket from a fraudster on the street, according to an ad on the Internet, you would not be able to get security guarantees or a refund that Ticketsonsale provides you with

Can you trust Tickets On Sale?

To decide on whether or not to trust a particular service, you need to initially study the most necessary aspects, this is the warranty and the user agreement. The company’s management encourages customers to trust and cooperate. As arguments, managers provide their desire to attract as many customers as possible. “Problems are not profitable for us. We do our best to avoid them. Our long-standing relationship with ticket sellers helps us ensure security and keep the situation under control.”

In addition, the site provides some guarantees, which we advise you to familiarize yourself with before the start of the sale.

Most users of the site have doubts mainly about the delivery of tickets, Most are worried about a failure in this particular issue. Note that most tickets are sent via UPS. When the order is confirmed, a letter is sent to the buyer by email, which contains the date of the intended dispatch of the ticket.

It is worth emphasizing that various sites are constantly analyzing the degree of trust in a particular ticket sales service. It is noteworthy that about Ticketsonsale, a large decline in confidence was observed during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. However, at that time, all companies of this profile were going through hard times. At the same time, in recent months, reviews about the work of the service have been much better, many praises not only the work of the support service but also the expansion of the clauses of the contract concerning guarantees. The company is trying to protect the buyer but remember: the site itself can help you figure out the problem and return the money, but is not responsible for the actions of the seller. customer service

The site has a very good support service. At least that’s what most users say. It is very easy to contact the support staff. Easier than in many similar services.

(888) 684-3582 Customer Service calls are prioritized for customers with events within 48 hours. The support staff are always friendly and always meet customers halfway trying to solve issues, even the most difficult ones.

Most of the service’s customers prefer to communicate in an interactive chat window. According to customer reviews, this is how the problems that have arisen are solved the fastest.

Important! Do not expect miracles from the support service and a solution to the issue in one moment. If you were asked to call back the next day, they did not dismiss you but simply asked for time to decide on your problem. The support service works according to the following schedule:

Sales: 8: 00 AM – 5: 00 PM, Customer Service (for existing orders): 8: 00 AM – 5: 00 PM (CST).

However, do not rush to immediately call or write to the support service, first of all, look at the list of the most frequently asked questions. As a rule, it is in this list that most customers will get answers. If you are convinced that there are no answers to your questions in this list, then contact the employees directly.

How much are  Tickets On Sale fees?

Fees are always present in the work of ticket companies, this is standard practice. All legit reliable and safe companies cover the costs of processing orders precisely through fees. The service fee is charged for each order. The amount of fees depends on the number of tickets purchased, the venue of the event, and many other factors. Many customers complain that the fees are too high, but they are the same as for all similar companies. Fees start from 10 percent and above. It is the fees that have become one of the topics in connection with which the site is criticized very often. Many believe that the level of the site’s work does not yet correspond to high fees. Note that when tickets are returned when the concert is canceled, these disputes are not returned in most cases. In addition to fees, the ticket buyer pays a tax set by his State or city (country.)

Ticketsonsale cancellation fee

According to the rules of the site, all sales made on it are final and cannot be canceled. The purchase price is refunded to the buyer if the event is officially canceled. Except for fees, you will receive the full cost of the ticket plus the cost of delivery. To claim compensation, you must return your tickets as soon as possible, but within 10 (ten) business days after receiving the notification with the offer of compensation. If you do not have tickets on hand, then there can be no talk about any compensation. In this case, compensation is not possible. Events whose date has been postponed are not included in the list of events that comply with the refund rules. If the event is postponed, your purchased ticket will simply be valid for another date.

Ticket Guarantee

The guarantee provided by the site is as follows: We guarantee that your tickets will be authentic and delivered in time for the event. Our checkout cart is encrypted for your protection. This guarantee can be trusted because the site in question is legit reliable and safe

Ticketsonsale scams

Although the company is legal and the company is very successful in combating the spread of fake electronic tickets, some users called the company’s employees scammers.

A lot of negative reviews are related to the fact that buyers did not receive tickets. As it turns out most often, the culprits in this work are the delivery service, but the service is still blamed. Experts believe that the accusations are fair: after all, if the service undertook to carry out the transaction, it must control everything from beginning to end. There are a lot of reviews on the Internet in which users complain that they did not receive a refund, but later it turns out that they simply inattentively read the contract.

Q Are Ticketsonsale tickets legit?

Yes, the company claims that the tickets are legal and the sellers with whom the service works are trustworthy. There is always a degree of risk, nevertheless, the company's managers claim that they have minimized this degree of risk. The site management assures visitors that trustworthiness and legitimacy are their priorities. The company positions itself internationally as a reliable ticket source. In addition, it is known that not so long ago the service began to apply schemes to prevent fraud that concerns tickets. This service does not have a separate service that deals with quality control, however, several employees and professional programs help the site work only with trusted persons.

Q What happens if tickets don't arrive?

Unfortunately, sometimes unpleasant situations occur due to which the buyer does not receive tickets or receives them too late when the event has already begun. The service staff advises starting solving the issue 2 days before the start of the event. If the ticket has not arrived 2 days before the start of the event, then this is an excuse to call the seller and the support service directly.

Q When does Tickets On Sale stop selling tickets?

As a rule, this happens 6 hours before the start of the event, sometimes 9. There is no clear schedule. The time varies depending on the direction, location, and time of the event.

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