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4 Reviews for AXS Ticket Reviews – Is AXS Tickets Legit & Reliable?



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This company is a crap company

1.0/ 5

I bought tickets to see Breaking Benjamin and Papa Roach.. Then just a week before the show Columbus Ohio made Covid shots mandatory. I was sent a letter to contact customer service to receive a full refund. I jumped through hoops trying to my tickets refunded.. They never responded to any of my requests.

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1 Reviews


1.0/ 5

DO NOT BUY FROM AXS. They rob people of their money. We bought BTS “Live Play” and didn’t realize until after that it wasn’t the actual performance with the actual performers – it’s a freaking broadcast. Jumping through all of their ridiculous and unhelpful hoops ended up a waste of time and feeling absolutely robbed. They said multiple times that it was final sale. So you’d think we’d be able to sell or transfer, right? We can’t even do that. It’s a freaking joke. Horrible customer service, hope their business shuts down before they STEAL more money from people.

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AXS scam

1.0/ 5

Tickets for a concert in July went on sale less than 2 hours ago, and already are on AXS for resale at OUTRAGEOUSLY inflated prices. I wasn’t able to get a ticket legitimately, but scalpers are allowed to scoop up the tickets and make a ton of money. This should be illegal.

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1 Reviews

Won't use them again

1.0/ 5

The tickets I have are not real tickets, can’t sell them can’t use them. They said they had until the fay of surgery to get them to me.

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AXS Tickets Pros:

  • The service support service is recognized as one of the best and operational
  • Large assortment of event tickets
  • Ease of working with the service
  • Very flexible system of work and cooperation with clients
  • Reasonable ticket prices
  • Active work to prevent the sale of counterfeit tickets

AXS Tickets Cons:

  • Frequently changing of fees
  • Technical problems in the service
  • Sometimes there are problems with ticket delivery
  • Customers complain about transaction failure situations; sometimes payment is difficult to make for technical reasons.
  • International credit cards cant be used to purchase resale tickets

AXS Tickets Summary:

User and expert reviews regarding the service vary somewhat. For example, in reviews, you can often read about technical problems related to the service, but the company’s managers and independent critics themselves do not recognize this disadvantage. The service is very convenient to work with, but sometimes you can see already sold tickets in stock. As a rule, this fact is associated with a problematic update. The technical service of the service has previously stated that it is working on troubleshooting. According to the aggregate of user reviews, the service receives 4 points out of 5, which is a very good indicator: after all, after the coronavirus pandemic, trust in many services of this kind has greatly decreased. During the period of lockdowns and mass cancellation of concerts, AXS also faced several problems. Many buyers were dissatisfied, many did not want to wait in line for a refund, demanded the return of funds immediately. Despite the difficulties, the service managed to raise the rating after a difficult period. This was largely due to the professionalism of the people who work in the support service. Many customers like how the service staff solves their problems: quickly and politely. If we talk about the dynamics of the company’s development, it is very good: the service management always listens to criticism and tries to eliminate problems and weaknesses. The service also constantly replenishes the range of tickets that are offered to customers.

What is AXS?

AXS today is one of the most urgent online platforms for selling tickets to entertainment and sports events. The company works not only with customers from America but also with foreign fans, the service is very popular among users of European countries. The service is managed by Anschutz Entertainment Group. In 2021, the service turned 10 years old. During this period, the platform has achieved a lot. Thanks to competent management, the service gradually added various functions, replenished the assortment. This service is legit reliable and safe, the company is trusted by millions of users. The company’s slogan is an excellent uninterrupted operation in real-time. The management is doing everything possible to focus on the efficiency of cooperation with customers and quick response to different situations. Three years after the company was founded, it managed to achieve good results: AXS officially sold tickets for 40 venues in America and the UK. Critics called this fact a great achievement, especially in the conditions of total distrust of users, which was observed in 2013-2015. The service has developed a technology called “white label”. Thanks to this technology, the platform sells tickets either under its trademark or other well-known trademarks. In 2015, a significant event took place in the history of the company’s development, which played a major role in the further development of the service. It’s about unification with the Veritix paperless ticket system. This transaction brought the company an excellent income. As of now, the online service cooperates with more than 350 partners around the world.

How does AXS  work?

The system of the service is very simple and accessible. If you are a ticket seller, then before you start working, you need to fill out the following form:

It is necessary to fill out the questionnaire for several reasons. One of them is the OS blocks large volumes of ticket purchases by computer programs that are often used by ticket sellers. Each user is carefully checked for purchases and sales because recent cases have become more frequent when a client uses computer programs for their purposes and buys a large number of tickets and then sells them more expensive. Such speculations are severely suppressed by the service.

At the same time, a special function has been created for buyers with the help of which they can book a certain number of tickets for acquaintances. Friends have 2 days to decide whether they need tickets. When buying a ticket, you can get acquainted with all the details both from your computer and from your phone. The service offers a very convenient familiarization system: you can see the layout in the hall or at the stadium.

Unlike e-mailed tickets in PDF file format or barcodes, the company uses digital tickets that are very difficult to fake, they are very reliable.

Do not forget, to interact with the service and make a purchase or sale, you need to register. Without registration, you will not be able to make a deal. There is one very interesting point that distinguishes the service from many of its competitors: AXS processes payment and delivery, so buyers and sellers never need to interact with each other.

Can you trust AXS?

Yes, according to most users, you can trust the service, since it is legit reliable and safe. Many people trust this company because the service has been around for 10 years. During this period, there were ups and downs in the work of the service, nevertheless, the management always managed to maintain a good reputation of the company. Customers call the service one of the most honest because it is one of the few companies that frankly admit their mistakes if there are any. When the issue of trust concerns the dissemination of the personal data of customers, all points of interaction with personal data are described on the website. Recently, many users have been asking the question: “Is it safe to use your social media account to create a profile on the service”? When an AXS profile is created using Facebook, the service requests some basic information (for example, preferences, interests). It is legit reliable and safe. This scheme is used by almost all services for the convenience of communication with the client. That is, having this information, it will be easier for the service to offer the user those concerts that may interest him. No one uses customer data for illegal purposes. The service guarantees that everything takes place exclusively within the framework of the law. The client should not be afraid that the server will monitor all his actions using a Facebook account. This is a myth that was spread a few years ago and has no basis.

AXS customer service

According to most users, the support service of the service works perfectly, many people give the service five stars in the reviews. Customers note that the support staff are very attentive, polite and help to sort out even the most complicated situations. Some users write that in any situation, service employees treat buyers and sellers carefully. Even if the problem is the fault of the customer himself, the support service will always solve the issue in the best way and without blaming the user. Before writing or calling the support service, users are advised to carefully read the list of surveys that are asked most often.

There is also a special chat window on the site where you can communicate directly with assistants.

As a rule, it is better to ask your questions during business hours; Monday – Friday: 09: 00 – 17: 30 (Live Chat, Email & Social Channels). Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays days your question is unlikely to be resolved very quickly.

You can also write your message as follows:

If you prefer to send an email to the support service, then first you will be asked to choose a country, since the service branches are located in different countries. After selecting the country and region, you will need to fill in the necessary fields, which you will write the details of the order in question. Yes, this service is only available for those who have already become a customer of the service.

How much are AXS fees?

AXS is a legit reliable and safe service, so the company’s employees speak openly about fees without hiding them. Fees are the money that the service earns on ticket sales. The company’s executives declare that they are supporters of a transparent system of fees.

Each customer of the service needs to understand that fees vary depending on the venue and the event. This is because the ticket price is set by the sellers, not by the service staff. Firstly, the service charges a service fee. This fee helps the company to cover the costs associated with the support of the service itself, technical and other details. There is also an order processing fee and a delivery fee. This fee varies depending on the chosen delivery method (USPS, e-ticket, etc.). Of course, there is no charge for delivery in the AXS Mobile ID application. There is also a ticket resale fee. As mentioned earlier, the number of fees varies greatly, on average it can be from 20 percent of the ticket price. Agoda customers are outraged that the fees are increasing in price. There are many such claims not only about this service. Managers respond to such claims that they do not set prices and the number of fees generally depends on the situation on the global financial market and other factors.

AXS cancellation fee

Customers of the service often ask questions about ticket cancellation. If an event or a sports match for which you bought a ticket has been canceled, the money for the ticket will be returned to your card automatically. If we are talking about canceling a purchase on your part, then any purchase on the service is final and cannot be canceled by you. Important! !!! The refund for the ticket to the canceled concert will be credited to the same card with which the payment was made. It is problematic to make a refund to another card. The refund is usually credited to the card within a month after the organizers of the event have confirmed its cancellation. The buyer can cancel the transaction only under extraordinary circumstances. As a rule, the client contacts the support service and explains his situation, but in 90 percent of cases, the refund request is rejected if the client requests a refund for reasons unrelated to the cancellation of the concert. As for the refund in case of cancellation of the concert, the full amount will be returned to the buyer’s card. It is very important to notify the service about the changes when changing the details

Ticket Guarantee

AXS is legal, reliable, and safe because the tickets that are sold on it are legalized and their cost is guaranteed to be refunded when the event is canceled. Also, the ticket price is guaranteed to be refunded if the ticket is not delivered for some reason beyond the buyer’s control. The service also thoroughly checks ticket sellers. The company’s employees prefer not to disclose details of exactly how they do it. The company’s management also officially declares that All tickets sold on AXS.com And the ASUS app, including standard tickets and resale tickets, are 100% official and guaranteed authentic.

AXS scams

Cases of fraud when working with this service occur very rarely. As a rule, the company’s employees identify potential scammers even before the purchase and sale transaction is completed. The company has its methods by which you can check not only the seller but also the tickets they sell. Despite this, in the reviews, you can still find comments from which users are dissatisfied with the work of the company.

In recent interviews with the heads of ticket sales companies, it was the topic of fraud that was repeatedly raised. Most often (if you study the statistics of all the leading ticket sales companies in general), ticket sellers, as well as hackers who control various computer programs, try to carry out fraud. Today AXS is one of the companies that have the highest protection against fraud. This is confirmed by several experts. The company has a special department in which people work who are engaged in various checks and protection of the service from fraudulent actions.

Q How much does AXS charge to sell tickets?

The company earns money by including the service price in the price of tickets sold. This cost is called fees and it is at the expense of these fees that the management provides technical support for the service. There have been moments of profitability and decline in the history of the service, for example during the coronavirus pandemic. The exact date of the company's profitability is not disclosed, however, it is known that after the crisis of 2019, the company's revenues began to grow again.

Q Are AXS tickets legit?

Yes, the tickets are legit. It is worth remembering that you do not need to believe all the negative comments in reviews and accusations of fraud. The information that the site sells illegal tickets has no basis. Everything is confirmed by the corresponding warranty.

Q What happens if tickets don't arrive?

If such an unpleasant situation has occurred, then you should not immediately panic, just contact the support service, which will solve the VSN in the shortest possible time. There are still many cases when the buyer was not returned the tape in a similar situation. Such precedents occur very rarely and if they do, they will happen for reasons of delivery service problems.

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