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BigStub Pros:

  • A wide selection of tickets
  • Guarantee of authenticity
  • Convenient payment
  • Timely delivery of tickets
  • Professional support team

BigStub Cons:

  • Sometimes there are technical failures on the site
  • Sometimes there are small delays in returning money in case of a seller’s mistake (it takes some time)
  • The number of fees seems excessive to some customers

BigStub Summary:

If we summarize the results based on user reviews, then the company is very reputable and occupies a position among one of the best in its industry. The company is legit reliable and safe. There are fewer and fewer negative reviews about the service every year. Most of the claims, as a rule, arise from unscrupulous sellers who confuse something or intentionally send the wrong ticket. Nevertheless, the service successfully solves the most difficult situations. According to the Trustpilot website, 82 percent of users are satisfied with the service.

This is a very good indicator, which is not achieved by all services of such a profile of activity.

It is worth noting that a few years ago the company faced a lot of fake negative reviews that were written by order of competitors. However, the scam was quickly exposed. Then the managers commented on this case with dignity: they emphasized that such a move speaks only about the strength of the company and that competitors are afraid to fight honestly. Expert reviews of the company’s activities are also generally positive. A big plus in the work of the service is that the mistakes made are quickly corrected and do not happen again. Customers trust this service. However, if you are trying to find the cheapest tickets, then most likely this site will not suit you. Ticket prices are very often inflated.

What is BigStub?

Undoubtedly, you need to start with the fact that BigStub.com is legit reliable and safe. This is confirmed not only by numerous reviews but also by official facts. What is BigStub? This is a fairly large-scale online platform through which it is fashionable to sell and purchase tickets. An important nuance is a fact that, as a rule, the company prefers cooperation with legalized ticket sellers. This plays a big role in the company’s trust rating. The rating of the service at the time of writing the article is A+ if you focus on the data BBB.org. The company started working in 2007. It was not a rhinestone that managed to win the trust of users, it took some time and a lot of effort from experienced managers and employees of the PR sector. Gradually, the site replenished the ticket database, now their number exceeds 9 million. The company sells tickets in America, Canada, and other countries. The service has the most fans in the United States: Americans like the simplicity and speed with which the service works. With the help of the service, you can buy and sell tickets not only for concerts but also for various sporting events. Important! Ticket prices are set by the seller and may differ significantly from the nominal value. Ticket prices depend on many factors, including economic ones. Many buyers have a distrust of sellers at first, but the server managers will assure that the buyers’ concern is in vain. The company claims that most often ticket sellers are representatives of various fan clubs that are engaged in pre-sales. Private sellers who for one reason or another could not go to the concert and sell their tickets are just a small part of the contingent that cooperates with the site.

How does BigStub work?

The site is very easy to use. The service operates according to the same scheme as many similar companies.

First, you will be asked to choose the event you are interested in by category. The site offers music concerts, sporting events, and theatrical performances. You can also use a special map on which you can search for an event according to the location. This is a very convenient and popular method.

Having decided on the place and the event, you can start choosing tickets. This task is greatly facilitated by a special scheme on which you can see the location of the stage in the auditorium. This way you can choose the most suitable option.

As for the delivery of tickets, the buyer should carefully study this issue. Many expect immediate delivery. This is wrong, the Company guarantees timely delivery of the ticket, but no one promises to send it on the same day and hour of the order. The only thing that guarantees the service is that your ticket will be delivered before the event. If you have any doubts about this, then according to the terms of working with the service, you can contact the seller directly without intermediaries and ask him all the questions you are interested in.

Another important point that concerns tickets are the location of the place. It is important to remember that, as a rule, if a customer buys two tickets, they will be located side by side. Only if the buyer makes a special note about the separate placement, the tickets will be in different places.

Can you trust BigStub?

According to most experts, this service is legit reliable, and safe. However, do not forget that each client has its requirements for a particular service. Someone wants a large assortment, someone wants instant ticket delivery, for someone the main role in buying a ticket is played by the price and fees. To understand whether it is worth trusting the company and whether it is worth cooperating with the company, it is necessary to read the terms of the contract, as well as the guarantees that the service offers. So, what exactly guarantees the service to its customers: the service guarantees timely delivery, the authenticity of the ticket sold and delivered to you, protection from fake electronic tickets, also the service guarantees delivery of those tickets that you ordered when buying, and not any others, and the company also guarantees a refund if the event for which you bought the ticket is canceled. This list of guarantees inspires confidence in many users. It is important to remember that none of the ticket sales services is perfect. There are precedents in the work of each service sooner or later. If something goes wrong and your ticket turns out to be invalid, you should contact your ticket seller as soon as possible. Important! You can claim a fake ticket only if this fact is confirmed at the venue of the event. It is also necessary to provide proof that the ticket is invalid. Sellers are expected to actively contact buyers to confirm any significant changes that relate to tickets or events. Customers on both sides should contact BigStub as soon as possible if an unforeseen situation arises. The service always tries to solve the opening as quickly as possible and preferably peacefully without conflicts so that both sides are satisfied.

BigStub customer service

Like any legit reliable and safe service, this site has a support service. At the moment, judging by the reviews, this service works very effectively, solving many issues. Initially, the service will provide you with a list of the most frequently asked questions on various topics. It is often in this list that customers find answers to their questions. If there is no answer to the situation you are interested in in the proposed list of questions, then you can write a letter to customersupport@bigstub.com. As a rule, the support service does not respond instantly, but within two days the user is guaranteed to receive an answer. As a rule, the support service copes well with solving many situations. Users write that the support service of this particular service can make sure that all parties to the conflict are satisfied if such has happened. Note that it is not always necessary to solve issues with the help of the support service. In most situations, you can also always contact your ticket supplier directly if you have any questions or concerns about ticket delivery. The support service solves only important issues that the seller and the buyer are not able to solve without outside intervention. The support service was most criticized during the coronavirus pandemic when operators could not cope with the number of incoming requests. After the crisis, the work of the service began to recover, and judging by the reviews, the work again returned to the previous positive mode. You may contact the service also by phone at (888)292-8495.

How much are BigStub fees?

Collection and taxes are a natural process in the work of any ticket sales service. The presence of fees and taxes cannot make you doubt that the service is legit reliable and safe. It is worth remembering that sellers revise the prices of the corresponding tickets based on their perception of the popularity of the event. Fees are also added to the ticket price. Attention! Now we are not talking about service fees, but fees that the sellers themselves include in the ticket price. After all, sometimes they pay face value plus additional fees and/or have paid membership in special fan clubs.

An additional premium to the price is an internationally recognized practice that can suspend the rapid sale of tickets for events. As for state taxes, when placing an order, the website does not help you calculate their cost. The reason is that the amount of tax differs in each state and even city. Also, do not forget that the fees of the service itself are added to the ticket price. This is a service fee and as a rule, the amount is from 10 or 15 percent of the ticket price. This amount is constantly changing depending on various internal and external factors, so it is impossible to name it accurately. You can see the fees online before you complete your transaction. If something confuses you or does not suit you, you can cancel the purchase or find out the details from a support representative.

BigStub cancellation fee

As a rule, the purchase of tickets on all legit reliable, and safe sites is final and is not subject to any cancellations. This rule is spelled out in the contracts of all sites selling tickets on the secondary market. However, a refund to the buyer is provided and even guaranteed if the event is canceled. For example, if you lost your ticket or it was stolen from you, then the money will not be refunded to you. A copy of the ticket is also unlikely to exist. Tickets are usually one-of-a-kind irreplaceable items that can rarely be re-accessed or reprinted. Such a scheme is designed solely to discourage fraudsters. That is if you have lost your ticket, then neither the service nor the seller will most likely be able to help you. Also, sometimes the support service is contacted by customers who simply changed their minds about going to the event for one reason or another. No one will return the money to them either. However, they can put their tickets up for sale and try to sell. Note that a refund in case of cancellation of the event due to the fault of the organizer implies a 100 percent refund. If the event is postponed, then most often the old ticket remains valid and there is no need to send a new one.

Ticket Guarantee

The service provides its users with a guarantee, in which everything is clearly described by points. The service guarantees the legitimacy of tickets. The site does not explain exactly how this control is carried out, but in one of the interviews, representatives of the service said: the site works exclusively with verified and legitimate sellers, who are checked by a special service. Employees of the site guarantee that they sell only legitimate tickets valid for entry. The guarantee also applies to the fact that you will receive the tickets you have ordered or similar alternative tickets. The guarantee also says about a 100 percent refund in case of cancellation of the event. Important! We are talking exclusively about the cost of the ticket. Transportation and delivery costs are not refunded. That is, only the ticket price is refunded, excluding fees. In addition, the service offers a 100% Money-back guarantee if: tickets arrived at you too late and you could not get to the event. Also, the cost is refunded if an invalid ticket was brought to you through the fault of the seller. Important! When receiving a fake ticket, there is a very important nuance: The verified proof must be provided by the venue in the format of a written letter. Written or stamped “voids” are not verifiable evidence.

BigStub scams

Unfortunately, not even the most reliable site has managed to avoid negative comments from users or accusations of fraud. If you look at the statistics, there is quite a bit of negativity towards this service. But he is.

Most of the negative reviews are related to delivery. Not often, but in the practice of working with the service, there are precedents when the buyer does not receive a ticket on time. Most often in this situation, the fault of the seller who did not send the ticket on time or problems with the delivery service. This action does not fall under the definition of fraud, but after such situations, buyers call the site scammers. According to the site managers, they are only a platform that helps the buyer and seller find each other but does everything possible to optimize this process. Cases related to counterfeit tickets have not occurred in the company in recent years.

Q Are BigStub tickets legit?

Yes, the company guarantees the legitimacy of the tickets and undertakes to refund the money in case of detection of forgery.

Q What happens if tickets don't arrive?

If such a situation occurs, the service may first offer you to change your ticket for another concert, if you do not agree, you will be refunded.

Q When is the best time to buy tickets on BigStub?

About a week before the start of the event.

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