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Ticket Liquidator Pros:

  • Simplicity and ease of use, practical website interface
  • Efficiency in solving problems that have arisen, assistance in non-standard situations.  Quick response of the support service
  • Quick refund for the ticket in case of cancellation of the concert
  • A large selection of events for which you can buy a ticket
  • All tickets are guaranteed legit
  • Good price


Ticket Liquidator  Cons:

  • Delay in ticket delivery, last-minute delivery
  • Technical problems with the site (this happens quite rarely, but customers don’t like this fact)
  • They often do not provide detailed information about the venues of events


Ticket Liquidator Summary:

Reviews about the service are very different. Many call the service legit reliable and safe, at the same time pointing out its shortcomings. There is a clear trend: more negativity was written to the service after the crisis with ticket refunds in 2019. This was the period of the coronavirus pandemic, during which all concerts were massively canceled or postponed to a later date. The company’s employees say that at some time they simply could not cope with the number of refunds, but almost all similar services had a similar situation. The company’s employees always adequately perceive criticism and work on correcting shortcomings. After 2019, the number of negative reviews of the company’s work has almost doubled, but the service staff consider this fact a temporary phenomenon. It is important to note that recently the service has not encountered problems with fake tickets and has significantly increased the level of security and guarantees. Some analysts wrote about the imminent closure of the service after the crisis of 2019, but that did not happen. At the same time, according to the company’s executives, the crisis was a good lesson thanks to which the company was mobilized and is now able to work even better.

What is Ticket Liquidator

Ticket Liquidator is a service that is known all over the world, and which causes users to have very different emotions. The service is engaged in online ticket sales for various events . For many, an important fact is that the service belongs to TicketNet. Ticket Liquidator was founded in 2003. Ticket Liquidators headquarters is located in South Windsor, Connecticut, USA This technology company has established itself well in the world, it is considered legit, reliable and safe.Ticket Liquidator is considered a very “open” service that openly admits mistakes and talks about working on them. Despite the presence of negative reviews, even opponents of the site call it one of the most “honest” in the field of ticket sales. The service is a division of the technology company Ticket Software LLC, which for many is a reason to trust. According to the combined data of global analytical agencies, the overall rating of the service is 69 percent, although the analysis exclusively based on reviews shows a result of 87 percent. It is worth noting that before the crisis of 2019, the percentage of positive reviews about the company was much higher. Before the coronavirus pandemic, about 250 employees worked in the service, but after the lockdown, their number decreased. The management of the service has a positive attitude to active participation in many social projects, and also often acts as a sponsor. For example, it sponsors the Ticket Summit exhibition, which attracts resellers and other representatives of the ticket industry. The company also does not hide that it has debts after the pandemic, but considers this fact temporary difficulties. The service is planned to be actively developed and expanded. It is known that in 2022, increased attention will be paid to the development of the service. The development plan also includes an enhanced advertising campaign that will cover several countries of the world. The company’s management plans to do everything possible to increase the rating of the service against the background of strong competition. According to the managers, the main criterion for attracting customers may be the strengthening of security issues, as well as the optimization of accelerated ticket delivery. It is the reliability and speed of delivery that are the priorities for customers at the moment. As for the range of tickets offered, the company does not plan to expand it, because according to the management, at the moment the service offers tickets to all the best events in North America and Europe.

How does Ticket Liquidator work?

TicketLiquidator -legit, reliable and safe. Therefore, the service operates according to the generally accepted system in the world, which is applicable to many ticket sales services. The interface is very simple, even a beginner can use the site. On the main page you can see the section where it is convenient to search for the desired event. Important! The service sells not only concert tickets: tickets for sporting events and theatrical productions are also available.

The service has been in existence since 2003, during this time it has not managed to earn a reputation as the “best”, but the availability of prices on the service pleases many customers. Indeed, many people call this site the cheapest. Service managers claim that they have the most qualified sellers, although some customers do not agree with this statement. In some reviews, especially among customers in Europe, fans believe that the service should control sellers more. Also in the reviews, users emphasize the long delivery of tickets, although the rules of the site state: tickets may not ship immediately, but are guaranteed to be delivered in time for the event.

So, if you plan to purchase a ticket for Ticket Liquidator, then in addition to standard tickets, you can buy premium class seats (in this case, you can get up to 20% on your order). The choice is really very large. Important! Ticket Liquidator often has access to event tickets, which are very difficult to find in other similar services. To buy or sell a ticket, you will have to register on the website. It’s very easy to register: you can do it using an e-mail, a Facebook account, or a Google account.

TicketLiquidator works according to the following model: sellers place their tickets on the service. Buyers are charged the ticket price (set by the seller), the service fee (set by the Ticket Liquidator) and the delivery fee.Ticket Liquidator fully complies with the PCI (Payment Card Industry) standard and is checked daily by McAfee Secure for computer security and authenticity.

Can you trust Ticket Liquidator?

At the moment, the service ranks 12th among ticket sales sites, but it’s worth remembering: the rating of many companies has dropped sharply after the ticket cancellation crisis related to the coronavirus pandemic. The service often offers customers very good seats and affordable prices. Unplanned situations happen quite rarely. If you are worried about what information the service collects about you as a client, then this information is registered in the public domain. The Service may collect data about the resources you access, traffic data, location data, and other communication data, including your IP address, the date and time when you visited the site, and which pages you viewed. Actually, all ticket sales sites work similarly, so in this matter the service does not differ from its competitors. The site management also emphasizes that it guarantees the delivery of the ticket after the order has been placed and the payment has been made. The service guarantees that it is legit reliable and safe

Ticket Liquidator customer service

Before calling or writing to the support service, the site management suggests that you familiarize yourself with the most frequently asked questions. As a rule, users often find the answer to their question in the list and there is no need to communicate with the operator.

However, if you could not find the answer to your question in the list, you can call (800) 456-8499. Do not expect that the issue will be resolved at one moment if the situation is difficult. Sometimes the operator asks you to call back in a few hours, or even the next day. You can also write to the support service using a special window that pops up when you click on the email us link. The efficiency of the support service largely depends on the topic and complexity of the issue that you need to solve. It is advisable to contact the support service during business hours.

How much are Ticket Liquidator fees?

Fees are present in the operation of any ticket resale service. This is an integral link in the operation of any legit reliable and safe service. Do not think that in this way they want to deceive you: perceive the fees as a payment to the service for services. This commission is a percentage of the ticket price. This commission is absolutely legit and occurs within the transaction. This commission is received by the service, which in turn provides you with services such as: maintenance of the site itself, support for a software system that allows you to buy and sell tickets. In addition, it is this system that allows you to balance prices and reduce too high a cost. Unlike a number of similar sites that include a commission in the ticket price, this service separates the amount of fees, thus trying to make its work more transparent for customers. Important! When issuing a ticket, the system will not immediately show you the amount of state tax. The amount varies greatly not only in different states, but in different cities, and even more so in countries. On average, the service fee is from 20 percent of the ticket price

Ticket Liquidator cancellation fee

According to the rules of the service, a purchase that has already been made cannot be canceled. If you have bought a ticket, it will be delivered to you, even if for some reason you have changed your mind. Payment for the ticket in full is refunded only if the event is canceled. Any legit reliable and safe ticket service does not provide a refund for any reason other than the cancellation of the concert. Important! If the concert is canceled, customers should initially contact the seller to resolve the issue of a refund. There is no need to make a mistake and immediately call the support service directly. If the event is postponed to another date, the ticket will remain valid, but you will not be able to return it after receiving monetary compensation.

Ticket Guarantee

The service guarantees that the tickets sold are legit.

Sometimes buyers are confused by the difference in the price of tickets for the same event. The difference is normal. Tickets are sold by different people from different cities and even countries. It will be much more profitable for you to make a purchase in your location. Sellers, as a rule, send their tickets via FedEx, so it is much more reliable.Important! Do not expect a ticket immediately after the order is made. A lot depends on the seller, how quickly he will prepare for shipment and send your tickets. By registering on the service’s website, you will be able to freely monitor the status of your ticket. You will see when the buyer accepted the order, when he sent it. This information is available to registered users in the section called “Purchases”.

Ticket Liquidator scams

The service positions itself as legit, reliable and safe. Also, the management of the service declares reliable protection against fraudsters. Nevertheless, unfortunately, you can read a lot of negative comments in the reviews. Users from America and Europe received a negative experience when using the service, as they wrote on the network.

It is important to note that most of the negative reviews appeared online in the last two years: the pandemic had a big impact on the opinion of customers during which concerts were massively canceled and services could not cope with the timely return of tickets.

If you ask yourself the question “Should I buy tickets from Ticket Liquidator? “ First, you need to understand: what exactly do you expect from the service. If you need hard-to-get tickets to an event, then this service will most likely help you. But, judging by the reviews, you should not expect instant delivery from the service. When choosing a service, focus on your priorities.

Q How much does Ticket Liquidator charge to sell tickets?

It is impossible to specify the exact figure at the moment: like all similar companies, the service suffered losses after the crisis associated with the coronavirus pandemic. As mentioned earlier, the service earns on fees from ticket sales, fees are 15-20 percent or more.

Q Are Ticket Liquidator tickets legit?

Yes, the service guarantees that the tickets are legit and constantly optimizes the anti-fraud system

Q When is the best time to buy tickets on Ticket Liquidator?

The time of purchase does not matter much. It is a mistake to wait for a mandatory price reduction when there are several hours left before the concert.

Q What happens if tickets don't arrive?

In this case, the buyer should contact the seller and the Ticket Liquidator support service.

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