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5 Reviews for Mega Seats Reviews – Is Mega Seats Legit, Safe and Reliable?



1 Reviews

MegaSeats Review

2.0/ 5

Another website committed to overcharging for lawn seats. These sites should be outlawed!

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1 Reviews

MegaSeats Review

5.0/ 5

Cheapest online, discount included and NO fees? Amazing!!! Thank you!

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1 Reviews

MegaSeats Review

5.0/ 5

This site ROCKS! I just saved $135 on four tickets! I’m so stoked and made sure I was able to download and print my tickets before leaving this review. Yeahhhh!

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1 Reviews

MegaSeats Review

5.0/ 5

Fast Straight Forward Fair price Easy point and click I like the insurance especially with Covid-19

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1 Reviews

Megaseats Review

3.0/ 5

Ok … yes, TONS of really negative reviews, So … I’ll give the good news first: I bough some really expensive World Series tickets last week … and then after I hit “purchase”, I looked at the reviews and they were so bad, they scared the dickens out of me. My credit card company and asked “do you really want to make this purchase”, so then DOUBLE WORRIED … I knew of was protected by my credit card in case of fraud, yes the reviews are that bad, BUT … guess what, the experience was perfect, I paid, they send the tickets to me electronically which I was able to print (oddly I couldn’t print them from my PC per some “unrecognizable program”, but my girlfriend printed them from her phone)? I got to the game, still worried, but calm, and got right in!!! The tickets were LEGIT, they scanned GREEN for GO – the seats were EXACTLY as promised .. they came ON TIME, and it was perfectly easy and I got exactly what I ordered, quick and easy. So … I would normally give an experience like that 5 stars …. the only reason for the “only 3” stars, is that I actually went to “The Google” to find tickets on a different site, but ticketnetwork was crafty and I feel the website kind of tricked me into thinking their site was another … shame on me. THEN, just the agony of the bad reviews … again, scared me and worried me. And then there were the RIDICULOUS fees! I will admit, the 100% showed the fees before check out, they were RIDICULOUSLY high, $300 per ticket, yes, that’s right, $300 per ticket … but, they fully, truthfully, and honestly clearly showed the fees at check out, so I could have easily CHOSE not to buy them … they did nothing wrong. The website was easy, they showed views from the seats I bought, they were accurate, and again … the tickets were great and legit and priced in line with other competitive websites. So … other than those many, many, too many bad reviews, my experience was perfectly good except the kinda sneaky way they made me think they were a different website. I did just check the site today for other tickets, the ticket prices were competitive with other name brand ticket sites EXCEPT the other sites give you the “fees” without having to go all the way to “checkout”, this site pretty much strings you along until the very end. My advice if you nice folks at ticketnetwork are listening … why don’t you just be a bit more upfront and show the price AND fees a little earlier … do it just like Stubhub maybe, be a little cleaner and up front, and maybe some of the reviews will start heading north to the star side. Again, ultimately I did have a good experience, but it’s just a little more shady dealing with your company vs. the others … and all that is super easy to correct, think about your customer, be more clear on fees, and life will be at peace. I’m ok recommending the site, but do so with a little higher level of caution than you might need to worry about with other more nationally knows ticket reseller sites. Peace

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Whether it is the Super Bowl, a Belinda Carlisle show or a massive Eminem concert, you probably already know that you can buy tickets over the Internet these days. You want to book those seats early, rather than risk losing them or ending up at the back of the arena – no views, obstructions and so on. On the same note, there are more ticket brokers selling tickets for the exact same show and this is when the venture becomes a real challenge.

You search for tickets over more brokers and you may find small variations in prices. Plus, there are small fees adding up as you make the purchase, so you are about to waste a lot of time. Based on recent criticism over the ticket industry, it looks like this industry does not necessarily work for the actual consumer. This is the reason wherefore Mega Seats was created. This Mega Seats review will give you all the details you need to make a more informed decision.

According to Peter Tyrrell – the name behind Mega Seats LLC, the company came in as a change. The people running it aim to provide a different type of service – a transparent service that can help users purchase tickets without getting hit with hidden fees or small print issues. The main thing? Mega Seats is the only broker out there that does not add any fees to the tickets and this is a good enough reason for most people to use it.

All in all, this Megaseats.com review will help you determine if there is more to be concerned about or the statements behind this company are real. So, what should you be aware of?

What is Mega Seats?

It is important to understand what this portal does before moving on with the Megaseats review. Simply put, it allows you to purchase tickets to various events from all over the world. Most of these events allow purchasing tickets from the respective venues directly – sometimes, from the actual performer’s official website. If it is a sports event, you could probably use your favorite club’s official website, for example. But then, there are plenty of sites that provide third-party support too.

This is when Mega Seats kicks in. Since these websites have gained so much notoriety lately, many clubs, venues or performers actually use them to sell all of their tickets. Some of them have given up selling tickets themselves, so they direct buyers to such websites. Mega Seats is one of these websites. Despite most expectations, different websites provide access to different pricing ranges for the exact same event – even the same seats, hence the necessity of doing your homework.

When it comes to the actual events, you will find the most popular singers, clubs or sportspeople, as well as conferences and live shows. For instance, you can find sports tickets for leagues like the NFL, NBA, NHL or MLB, but there are many other sports and events too – such as football or soccer in Europe. WWE wrestling, boxing, racing, golf, rodeo and tennis are just some of the other popular categories on Mega Seats.

The portal is not just about sports though. Music concerts are just as popular and you can find both famous and less known artists out there. They are usually organized by genre. Some of the most common categories include alternative, pop, oldies, R&B and soul, country, heavy metal, rap or hip-hop and religious music. You can also browse all the concerts and find different genres, but you can also search by your favorite artist.

Finally, it is worth mentioning other shows as well and especially the theater shows. This is the third major category on the official website and according to most Mega Seats reviews, the selection is impressive. Again, you can browse all the theater shows out there, but you can also browse for specific categories. For example, you could find tickets at ballet, Broadway, Cirque du Soleil,       musical, opera or Vegas Theater shows.

How Mega Seats works

Mega Seats is intuitive and straightforward. The official website will not give you too much headache because you have crystal clear categories on top of the page, a massive search bar in the middle of the page – use it for events, artists or clubs, as well as the main events on the top page. The website will identify your location and show you the most popular events in the area – everything on the main page, so chances are you will find what you need there.

The bottom menu has the same main categories, as well as a few technical links – such as frequently asked questions, policies, reviews, affiliate support and so on. Should you look for an event in another area, you can click on the location assessed by the website and change it – assuming you want to attend an event in a different city or country. This is only one of the main choices, as you can also search for the respective event over the main page.

Once you find the event you are after, you will see the location, date and time. You will also see how many tickets are left. Click to get your tickets and the portal will show you a 2D map of the venue. You will have to choose how many tickets you want, but also pick the seats if the map is available. The map is interactive, so once you choose the tickets, you will also see the prices. Try different seats to compare prices.

If you are happy with the seats, click to buy the tickets and you will be asked for your personal details. You can create an account with Mega Seats, but according to many Megaseats reviews, you can also buy without having an account. Enter your email address and other details. Keep in mind that once you choose the tickets, they are secured for a limited amount of time – usually just 10 minutes. It is plenty of time to complete the purchase though.

To help you understand how the website works, it is a resale marketplace. It makes the statement on the main page, so you know exactly where you are going. Basically, people sell tickets and others can buy them. Prices vary, of course, so you have to shop around. Simply put, Mega Seats is an intermediary between venues or resellers and potential buyers. Basically, Mega Seats works like eBay or other similar websites.

Payment options

Mega Seats operates exclusively online, so you will need to purchase your tickets over the Internet – no brick and mortar stores out there. Once you purchase your tickets, you will get them by email. You can then show them as you enter the venue or print them and show them at the entrance. Either way, you will need to make an online payment and the good news is you have a few good choices to complete the purchase.

Most people will choose the card option. Is Mega Seats safe for card payments? Absolutely. The website uses high-security protocols to ensure there are no issues with it. You can use most credit and debit cards out there with no problems at all. Simply enter the card information, as well as details like your address and phone number. Once everything is it, the payment will take a few seconds to proceed and you will get the confirmation by email.

Users also have the option to keep their card details private. The other major option for payments is PayPal. You can use your PayPal account, which will basically take money off your card. However, your email address is the only thing you will reveal. Those who are lucky to have PayPal Credit on their accounts can also use this option and then pay for their tickets in multiple installments – great if you cannot afford an expensive ticket.

Legal profile of Mega Seats

You might have heard of other major ticket vendors and marketplaces – some of them are more popular than Mega Seats, but also more expensive. Sometimes, some deals seem too good to be true. At this point, you probably ask yourself – is Megaseats legit? When you buy a ticket, you are about to share sensitive private information, such as banking details or address. Therefore, you want a company that you can rely on.

Mega Seats is a fully registered company in South Windsor, Connecticut. A simple credit search will reveal full details on the address, as well as other contacts. So, is Mega Seats legitimate? Absolutely. The website has been around for a while now and has an overall good reputation, mostly because there are no fees added to the ticket prices. It has a secure website and proper protocols in place to prevent fraud, so you can leave yourself in good hands.

Fees and expenses

This is usually the aspect that makes the difference between one ticket marketplace and another. According to pretty much every Megaseats.com review out there, this is the aspect that makes the difference between Mega Seats and most of its competition. Indeed, every popular website out there will clearly mention fees in their terms and conditions, but the truth is no one really has the time to go through all these legal aspects.

With these thoughts in mind, most websites end up charging you more than what they initially ask for. You see a price in the search results and by the time you end up paying, there is another price. Sometimes, the price is simply higher than it should be upfront. You do pay what you see in the first place, but that original price is already pumped up with various fees. This is one of the reasons wherefore so many different websites come up with completely different prices.

Plenty of Megaseats reviews claim on cheaper prices and this Mega Seats review will help you understand why. At the moment, Mega Seats is the only ticket marketplace out there that does not add any fees to the ticket prices. What you see upfront is what you pay. The original price is not inflated with random fees either, so you know there are no extras whatsoever. This is what keeps prices low. Is Megaseats.com legit then? Absolutely. There is simply nothing to be concerned about.

The shipping is also free because as the website operates exclusively online, you will get your tickets in a digital format. You will have to enter your email address before completing the purchase. Once the payment is made, you will get the tickets within minutes only. You can then use them in a digital format if the venue accepts this option, but you can also print them before going to the respective event – up to you.

Mobile application

The mobile development of Mega Seats is still growing. Most of the competition has solid applications with plenty of extra features, such as push notifications. Mega Seats is still in an early stage, but it is getting there. For example, it has a mobile application that only works on iOS-based systems. At the moment, Android users do not have an option to purchase tickets through an app. The iOS app brings in the same features as the website, but it has the main benefit of push notifications too.

There is nothing to be concerned about if you are an Android user though. Chances are the company will develop an app for Android as well. Meanwhile, users can purchase tickets over their mobile devices by using their browsers. The website is mobile-optimized, so you will find what you need within seconds only. Whether you use the mobile version or the desktop version of the site, the features are identical, with no actual differences in terms of functionality.

Returns and refunds

Unexpected situations may arise when least expected, especially in such uncertain times. The coronavirus pandemic has canceled events all over the world and Mega Seats has also been affected. At this point, you probably ask yourself – is Mega Seats reliable? Can you count on it to get your money back should unexpected situations arise? The good news is everything is explained in the terms and conditions.

If the event gets canceled, you will be notified as soon as possible. Mega Seats will send you an email to notify you about the unhappy event. At this point, you will be given two different options. First, you can get a voucher. The voucher implies you have to spend the money on Mega Seats. To keep you there, the portal will give you 120% back on the voucher, so you will get some extra money. You can also match it to a Megaseats coupon code and get a reduced price.

The voucher can only be used for a year from the moment you accept it. Unhappy about the cancellation? Not planning to use Mega Seats? Unsure whether or not you will find something good enough within the next year? There is a second option available. You can request a full refund of the original purchase price. Indeed, you will not get the extra 20% coming with the voucher, but at least you will get all your money back.

In order to keep people interested, many artists simply postpone or reschedule their concerts. Games are also postponed every now and then based on various conditions. There is nothing to worry about though. Your ticket will be honored on the newly announced date, so simply reschedule your plans and you will be able to see your favorite artist or watch a game. Again, Mega Seats will notify you as soon as such events occur.

What happens if you cannot attend the new date? What if your plans change and you can no longer attend an event? What if you simply do not want to get there anymore? Unfortunately, just like most other ticket sellers, Mega Seats will not be able to give you a refund or provide a credit voucher. According to pretty much every Megaseats review out there, the good news is you can list your ticket and at least make some of your money back – if not even more.

Ticket prices compared to the competition

Ticket prices are usually the main considerations when trying to attend an event. No one wants to pay super-high fees or double up the ticket prices with extra expenses. Unfortunately, pretty much every ticket selling company does that. According to the policies – as well as multiple Megaseats reviews, Mega Seats is different. This is one of the first statements as you enter the website – no fees, free shipping and extra fun.

Mega Seats does not add any fees to the ticket prices and this is what keeps the prices low. When the website came out, it gained huge notoriety overnight because prices were anywhere between 5% and 30% cheaper than on other websites. Of course, different websites use different systems for fees and other expenses, so the difference will vary from one vendor to another. The good news is Mega Seats manages to stay under the market value by ditching these fees.

Customer service

The customer service stands out. You will get in touch with a dedicated representative without having to wait for hours. However, it is important to know that the customer service is mostly aimed at those interested in business inquiries – as well as inquiries about the website. Those with questions about the actual tickets must contact the venue directly. It makes no difference if you have questions about the venue, performer or event – get in touch with the venue.

Mega Seats is only an intermediary offering easy access to tickets. The tickets are then purchased from the venue and emailed to you – hence the free shipping claims. However, Mega Seats does not hold or buy tickets in bulk to resell them. Therefore, all inquiries about performers or events must be directed to the venue or organizer. You would have to do some research upfront. The good news is venues or organizers are easy to get in touch with – much easier than contacting a ticket marketplace.


It is almost impossible to find a negative Megaseats.com review about the guarantees. The portal offers 100% satisfaction guarantees and does not disappoint. Every single ticket sold over Mega Seats is guaranteed to be real and provide access to the event or venue. There are no doubts about potential fake tickets. People who change their minds can only sell tickets purchased over Mega Seats, so the website guarantees for them.

The free shipping is almost instant. Once you purchase the tickets, give Mega Seats a few minutes and you will have them by email. You can show them in your email or get them printed for easier access. This way, Mega Seats guarantees that customers will get their tickets in time – no hassle at all. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed and will stand out in the crowd – you can even buy tickets minutes before the event, although it is not really recommended.

Bottom line

As a short final conclusion, this Megaseats review should give you a few good hints about what to expect from this ticket marketplace. Indeed, it is not as famous as other similar places. It might be relatively new compared to big players in this industry. But at the end of the day, it does the job right and it comes with a few extra benefits that you simply cannot ignore.

The lack of fees is the most significant aspect to consider in the process. Losing fees means you can reduce prices – almost impossible to find cheaper tickets somewhere else. Sometimes, a deal may seem too good to be true. However, Mega Seats is a registered company with a good reputation, so there is not much to be concerned about.

Furthermore, there are plenty of events you can buy tickets for, whether you are into sports, theater or music – you can always find the main events in the respective category with no issues at all.​

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