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CheapTickets Pros:

  • Easy page navigation. Easy registration and adding travelers
  • A large choice of tourist services
  • Many years of experience in the market of tourist services, legality, reliability
  • Quick response from the support service
  • Flexible payment system and transaction guarantee

CheapTickets Cons:

  • Technical failures: the system can show the presence of a ticket that has been submitted. Happens rarely.
  • Some difficulties when making changes after ordering the service
  • System failures during cancellation or change of the tour (technical issues also happen rarely)

CheapTickets Summary:

In the address of the service, you can hear both good and bad reviews. There are a lot more good ones. A lot of people trust this online service because it has been on the market since the last century and has managed to gain the trust of users. The motto of the service is “Travel enriches our lives and makes us better people”, the company’s employees try to do everything possible to ensure that their customers’ trips leave exceptionally pleasant memories. The staff of the service offers customers to think over all the details of the trip and organize it in the best way. If there are negative reviews about the site, they are more likely to be related to technical problems, and not to the organization of the trip itself. It is worth noting that the service staff is always working on fixing problems, and if they make mistakes, they always recognize them. If we analyze the reviews of users of the service from different countries, then Americans like the services of the site, residents of Europe too, but most often it is fashionable to see negative reviews from the French and Turks. As a rule, they complain about issues related to delivery and similarities to change the parameters of an already made order

What is CheapTickets?

CheapTickets is a company that many experts call unique. The site is called unique because it was one of the first in the world to combine different directions of the tourism sector and sell tickets to travelers. The site makes the task much easier for many users who can plan and pay for all the details of their trip in one place. The company has been working professionally in the leisure market for many years. The range that the site offers is huge and can satisfy the needs of even the most capricious users. In addition to plane tickets on the website, you can solve issues with renting a car at the place of arrival, it is fashionable to book a hotel, and also just buy a ready-made tourist tour or cruise. It is worth recalling that CheapTickets was originally owned by Orbitz Worldwide, Inc., being a subsidiary company. The founders of the service are the Hartley couple. The year of the company’s foundation is officially considered 1986. Initially, the focus of the company’s work was on the sale of air tickets. The company’s executives used a very effective scheme that helped them immediately attract a lot of customers. The management of the service bought tickets from the airline at a low price and then sold them at even more affordable rates. This move turned out to be very useful in the development of the company. The company started working in the format of an Internet site in 1997. The company became famous all over the world for being the first to start selling tickets using the Internet. For many, it seemed an incredible risk, but this risk was fully justified and every day the site became more and more popular. In 2000, the owner of the company changed, it became the Cendant holding. Regardless of who was the owner of the site, it always showed very good results. Reviews about him have always been among their best. The management must try to keep up with the times and constantly improve technical aspects. This does not always work out: sometimes network users still complain about insufficient technical equipment and responsiveness. At the moment, CheapTickets has dropped significantly in the ranking. This happened after the crisis of 2019 when events and flights were canceled and quarantine measures were introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic. At that time, it was difficult for the company to cope with the flow of ticket refusals and refunds, but gradually the site is regaining its position. At the moment, the website is operated by TicketNetwork, Inc.

How does CheapTickets work?

Working with the service is very simple. The interface allows you to understand everything even for a beginner. For example, on the main page, the site initially offers you to decide on the direction of travel and its dates, and then settle the details.

On the same page, you can decide on the categories of travel you are interested in: flight, hotel, car rental, entertainment, cruises. Having decided on the priorities, just click on the link you need. As for tickets to various events, this is the pride of the service: the choice is very large. By going to the “Events” page you will be able to get acquainted with a large selection of tickets for concerts of artists, sports matches, excursions, and theatrical performances.

In this line, you can easily find the event you are interested in by the name of the group or artist, or by other parameters.

The big advantage of the site is that having decided on the performer, you can easily see the location of seats in the hall and see at what angle you can watch the performance from your seat.

The ticket purchase scheme is incredibly simple: you just have to click on the “buy” link.

Then you must enter an email address to which you will be sent e-tickets and pay for the purchase.

Interesting fact: traveling students are given an 18 percent discount. Sometimes the percentage changes. Young people like the initiatives of the service.

Important! All sales are final Since tickets are a one-of-a-kind item and not replaceable, there are no refunds, exchanges, or cancellations. If an event is postponed or rescheduled, tickets will be honored for the rescheduled date.

All rules related to the purchase and sale of services on the site are legit reliable and safe. If you promise by most reviews, then this is a reliable ticket source that works within the limits defined by law.

Can you trust CheapTickets?

Yes, according to most world experts, you can trust this service, as it is legit reliable, and safe. It is important to understand the difference between trust in the service and sellers who sell their services using the site. For example, when choosing a hotel, you need to delve into the details directly related to the hotel. The site is an intermediary that essentially helps sellers and buyers meet. The service helps you plan your trip, get your booked tickets, but you are directly responsible for choosing a specific hotel or event. If you don’t like the hotel room, you shouldn’t blame the website where you booked your stay. Before buying, study the photos of the hotel, the details of the flight, the details of the events. Most complaints about the site eventually turn out to be unfounded: the site fulfills its obligations, but customers are not always attentive when choosing a particular service.

CheapTickets customer service

The support service of the service works very smoothly. A lot of specialists of different profiles worked on the development of this service. For the convenience of the client, a special scheme has been developed on the site, thanks to which it is fashionable to solve many issues even without using a phone or e-mail. So, for example, customers are invited to familiarize themselves with possible options for actions that they planned to perform: exchange cancellation and so on. Also in a special window, you can start an interactive conversation with a consultant who will try to answer your questions promptly.

For more prompt support and faster response, you must be registered on the site.

According to many customers, the work of the support service has improved in recent years. Five or seven years ago, you could hear a lot of complaints about consultants. Then the work of the service began to gradually improve. The crisis associated with the coronavirus pandemic and the mass cancellation of tickets has also affected Cheap tickets. The consultants simply did not have time to answer all the questions about cancellations and postponements of flights, events, and excursions. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering, “legally reliable and safe”. By the way, it will be much more convenient for you to resolve issues with the support service if you download the application. You can do this in the following way:

You can also contact the site by email at cheaptickets@ticketnetwork.com,

75 Gerber Road East, Suite 120 South Windsor, Connecticut 06074

Fax: 860-760-6699

Email: copyright@ticketnetwork.com.

How much are CheapTickets fees?

Like any legit reliable and safe service, the company charges a certain amount for its services. These fees are a natural factor in the work. The buyer of services needs to remember that there are no stable and unambiguous amount of fees: this amount depends on what exactly the customer is booking and how he does it. For example, if you book an order over the phone and online – the number of fees will be different. The company does not provide a report on exactly how fees are formed, but experts assure that the calculation of this amount is legal. On average, the amount of the fee can be from 20 percent of the cost of a ticket or a tourist package. But the site has a very convenient discount system and buying more, you do not lose, but on the contrary. For example, according to data for 2021, depending on the service ordered on the website, buyers paid an average of $ 40 in fees. Just like when buying a ticket at the ticket office, the buyer pays the state tax, this is a legal procedure that is applied in all countries of the world. The amount of fees depends on many internal and external factors because it often changes and cannot be predicted. At the same time, the company’s managers assure that they are doing everything possible to optimize the process and create comfortable conditions for users.

CheapTickets cancellation fee

According to the established rules, the buyer cannot refuse an already purchased ticket or tour. This is written in the user agreement. Refunds can only occur if, for reasons beyond the buyer’s control, the concert or flight was canceled. When rescheduling an event, the purchased ticket remains valid and does not need to be changed. Any shipping and handling costs are non-refundable. The refund will be made in the same currency as the original order. If the user’s bank imposes any kind of tax on transactions, the service does not cover this amount. The site managers ask buyers to be careful when reading the cooperation agreement, which states that first of all when canceling an event, it is necessary to contact the seller directly.

Ticket Guarantee

The site guarantees that it cooperates only with legit reliable and safe sellers. To ensure the reliability of cooperation in the company, there are separate departments whose employees deal exclusively with security issues. The website states that the service does not guarantee low ticket prices: for the reason that this is a secondary market, prices may sometimes be overstated. Fees and commission fees are included in the ticket price. Some companies prefer to separate the payment, but this service includes the amount in the cost of tickets and services. The buyer should remember that the site is not directly related to the organization of concerts, hotels, or air flights. Important! Neither the service, nor TicketNetwork, nor the seller are obliged and will not exchange or refund money after making a purchase or for lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed tickets. That is why the buyer should familiarize himself with all the rules and guarantees in advance: often without reading the agreement, the user makes claims to the site, but in the end, turns out to be wrong.

CheapTickets scams

Cases of fraud related to the service occur very rarely. However, there are enough dissatisfied reviews from customers. Most of them are connected with hotels. Often people do not like either the hotel itself, or the room that the hotel offers, or other points related to the place of residence.

Many complain that the site advertises hotels, but upon arrival, hotels are very different from those described on the website. In turn, the service assures customers that such claims should be sent directly to the hotel. Many buyers do not like that the service does not check the information provided by sellers too carefully. At the same time, there are practically no complaints about tickets for concerts and sporting events. The service is very good at fighting the likelihood of fake electronic tickets spreading and pays a lot of attention to legitimacy and credibility.

Q How much does CheapTickets charge to sell tickets?

The site provides very diverse services. Therefore, the service has many income items. The service earns money on the sale of tickets and air flights and package tours. The earnings of the service are fees from buyers. During the pandemic, the financial condition of the service was not very good, some publications even wrote about possible bankruptcy. However, rumors have not been confirmed and at the moment the company is beginning to restore its activities and earn a stable income from sales.

Q Are CheapTickets tickets legit?

Yes, tickets purchased using this service are legit, reliable, and safe. The company has extensive experience in the field of ticket sales and a lot of experienced employees who are engaged in the control of the legality of tickets.

Q When is the best time to buy tickets on CheapTickets?

It's very individual. Depending on the tour, excursion, or flight, some companies offer discounts right before the concert, some do not. As for air tickets, here many depend on the airline, on the direction. It is not recommended to wait for the last moment to order a tour.

Q What happens if tickets don't arrive?

The support service of service will do everything possible to solve the problem, but first of all, you need to contact the seller. The seller's contacts are provided to the buyer immediately after the application is made

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