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TicketCity  Pros:

  • A good selection of tickets for diverse events
  • The site gives many guarantees and has a high degree of trust
  • Good work of the delivery service, minimal number of failures
  • The work of the support service is good: issues are resolved quickly
  • Easy to use

TicketCity Cons:

  • Otstutcia of the Android mobile app
  • Sometimes there are technical failures
  • Ticket prices and fees seem high to many customers

TicketCity Summary:

TicketCity is a website about which you can hear more positive reviews than negative ones. Many people both in America and other countries like the work of the site. Ticket buyers like the service’s system, which allows you to select the desired tickets or seats from an interactive table. It is fashionable to order a ticket at the last moment and immediately learn it digitally. Of course, the address of the service receives various comments. For example, the lack of an Android app is very frustrating for users. Also, sometimes there are updates with a delay. For example, you see a ticket on the screen, but in fact, it has already been bought, just the page has not been updated. In general, this service can be described as legit reliable, and safe. The number of advantages exceeds the number of disadvantages in the operation of the service. It is worth noting that the company constantly monitors technological innovations and does not standstill. One of the main principles of the service is the constant development of the website and the expansion of the assortment of tickets in three directions: musical events, sports matches, and theatrical performances. If a few years ago users complained that the choice of tickets was not wide enough, today no one talks about this problem, the management of the service listened to the wishes of customers and the list of tickets offered has expanded significantly.

What is Ticket City?

TicketCity is a website that has been on the market since 1990 and has been able to prove itself well during this time. The site sells tickets in different directions: music concerts, sports matches of different directions, theaters. The service operates in a modern model that meets the latest requirements. Now customers expect very fast, well-coordinated work from services of this kind, and TicketCity provides this to its users. The founder of the service is Randy Cran, who from a young age was distinguished by business acumen and excellent brokerage skills. As in 1990, until today the company is privately owned and no one plans to change this circumstance, although there have been many offers to purchase the service. The company is included in the list of premium services in the world of the ticket business. Today, the history of the company’s development is set as an example to many: the creation of service is a vivid example of the single-mindedness and assertiveness of one person. As we mentioned, the service was founded by Randy Crane, who even before the official foundation of the company began selling tickets. The creator of the service often recalled in his interviews how he started his business with four employees and one old computer. In those years, technology was not so developed, so the purchase and sale transactions were made either in person or by phone calls. The website was launched only years later, in 1998. Many believe that it was TicketCity that became a pioneer in this area of business. A big leap forward for the company was the introduction of proprietary software for ticket sales. Today, the service is recognized worldwide as legit reliable, and safe. The service has a lot of weight in its industry, cooperates with NCAA conferences, championships, and professional teams. The company has also been the title sponsor of events such as the TicketCity Legends Classic and the TicketCity Bowl for five years.

How does Ticket City work?

The scheme according to which the service works is somewhat different from the one according to which competitors work. We are talking directly about the ticket resale system: the service buys tickets from sellers, which other sites of a similar orientation do not do. This greatly simplifies cooperation with sellers on the one hand, on the other hand, sellers cannot set an inflated price, as it happens on other similar sites. Otherwise, the scheme of working with clients does not differ from the generally accepted one. As for the website interface, many users are delighted with the ease of use. In addition, on the main page, you will immediately receive answers to the most important questions concerning the operation of the service.

So, if you are a ticket seller, then before selling you should fill out a short form and register

If you have any questions, you can always contact the company’s representatives by phone. As for buying tickets, the scheme is also simple. You find the event or artist you are interested in in the search bar of the site, then click on the “tickets” link, after which you are invited to familiarize yourself with the layout of the seats.

After you select a ticket, payment will take place in a few minutes. Before making a purchase, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the conditions under which the site operates. Before completing the purchase, you should familiarize yourself with the guarantees and refund rules.

Can you trust  Ticket City?

Most experts and users believe that you can trust the service. There are several reasons: extensive work experience, reliability, legitimacy. The company is doing everything possible to gain the trust of its users, but it is still worth initially familiarizing yourself with the rules of the site and then making a conclusion yourself. The website states that the company uses the latest technology to maintain the security of the site and preserve the personal data of customers. Modern 256-bit encryption (AES) is used for this.

In addition, the site’s employees assure that they are constantly updating security systems because they want to keep up with new products. “We regularly check the most vulnerable sides of the site and strengthen protection,” says the main page. We remind you that once you submit an order, you will not be able to cancel or recall it. This is stated in the rules of the site and it should be understood by every user who plans to cooperate with the services. Important! The website is not responsible for typographical errors in tickets offered for sale. If an error is detected in the processing of your order, you will be notified of the error and you will be provided with available options, including the possibility of canceling your order. Before making a decision? Whether to trust this site, you should familiarize yourself with all the details. There are quite a lot of points in the terms of use of the service, but those who take the time to read them, as a rule, face difficulties and problems later more often than others.

Ticket City customer service

Customer feedback support service has been working better lately. The decline in the quality of service was observed during the coronavirus pandemic when concerts were massively canceled. But this problem was inherent in many sites. The support service is available 7 days a week from 9 to 17 by phone at 1-800-918-2612. For the fastest service, you can also email at hello@ticketcity.com. use the form, which you can fill out, and immediately contact the service representatives. Responses from the support service come quickly. Complaints to the support service are never related to poor treatment by employees, although such complaints have often been received by other services. It is known that it is not so easy to get a job as a support service operator in this company because a very careful selection of employees is carried out.

How much are Ticket City fees?

Fees are an integral part of the work scheme of almost every ticket sales site. This is a kind of payment for the services that the site provides to you: in fact, the service helps sellers and buyers find each other and make the most profitable deal for both sides. For example, when you see the ticket price, you should understand that in fact, you will have to pay more because at the initial stage the cost of fees and taxes is not indicated. In addition to the fact that the service charges fees for servicing your transaction, do not forget that there is also a delivery that also needs to be paid. Often clients are interested in the question: “How can I find out the full cost that I have to transfer? What is the final transaction cost? “. The buyer will be able to get the answer to this question only when he visits the checkout page. It is very difficult to predict the exact amount of fees in advance because in the end it directly depends on many external and internal factors. What matters is the number of tickets purchased, the place held an event, or a sports match. These fees are not a whim, they are a necessity. As a rule, the average commission is 20-25 percent of the ticket price. In addition, it is important to remember that sometimes ticket prices change, and the final cost of your order will depend on this. Also, state taxes are always added to the ticket price. Their amount varies in each city and State.

Ticket City cancellation fee

First of all, it is worth noting that the service operates mainly according to generally accepted rules established by the legit reliable, and safe companies of this profile. The company guarantees a refund for tickets to concerts that have been canceled. There have been a lot of such concerts in the last one and a half to two years due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a rule, the client will receive a refund in full within 48 hours after the official cancellation of the event. There were some delays during the height of the pandemic, this happened due to a large influx of refunds. Now the situation has stabilized.

If your event has been canceled and you have not received a refund, please contact customer support to confirm the status of your event and order. As of today, the service officially declares that TicketCity has returned all orders for events that were canceled due to Covid19. If the event is postponed, the money will not be refunded, but the ticket remains valid for the new date. Important! The refund is carried out without taking into account the cost of delivery and fees, this money cannot be returned. A refund of money to the client in case of cancellation of the event is carried out on the same card with which the ticket was paid. The service accepts all major credit and debit cards (American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover) as well as PayPal (online only) and Apple Pay. The exception is to accept prepaid credit cards.

If you have lost your tickets, sometimes the support service can help you re-issue your tickets. But this scheme does not always work and not with all events. Attention! There is an additional fee for reissuing some types of tickets, this fee will be refunded if we fail to reissue tickets.

Ticket Guarantee

According to the site managers, the company’s 100% Guarantee means that your transaction will be safe and reliable, tickets will be delivered on time before the event, the tickets you receive will be the same as you ordered, and the tickets you bought will also be authentic. If there is a problem with one of these items, you will be provided with comparable or better tickets, or you will get a refund. Important! The guarantee takes effect upon confirmation of your order, and the full refund under the TicketCity guarantee is a refund of any payment made for tickets. It is worth noting that the company’s management takes the reputation of the service and guarantees very seriously. Over the years, the company has proven itself as a site that strictly adheres to warranty points. This service does not use the so-called “price guarantee”. Tickets offered for sale at TicketCity can be priced above or below the “face value”. The site does not guarantee you the lowest and most affordable price, but it guarantees clear and legal work on ordering and ticket delivery. The guarantee of a refund in case of cancellation of the concert is 100 percent. It is important to remember that refunds are not made without the buyer having original tickets, exceptions are possible only if there is an initiative on the part of the seller directly. Also, according to the guarantees, there is a small addition to the rules, which is worth paying attention to and which many do not notice: no refund is made if your event is partially canceled or if the performer, artist, or player cannot perform.

Ticket City scams

Fraud on this site is a very rare case. The site is rightfully considered one of the most reliable in terms of security. The service is recognized by many experts and users as a reliable ticket source, which places great emphasis on legitimacy and trustworthiness in its work. For example, in recent years there has not been a single case with fake electronic tickets

The security service is very active: the company’s website highlights information according to which employees check sellers. Such control over sellers is not common in every company. Many experts say that Ticket City is the only service today that pays so much more attention to checking its customers and the authenticity of tickets. Despite strict control over the quality of work, some users still call the company scammers.

Q Are Ticket City tickets legit?

Yes, the company claims that the ticket is legal. At the same time, he emphasizes that he sells tickets and uses many different authentication schemes.

Q What happens if tickets don't arrive?

If you have not received tickets two days before the start of the event, then you should contact the support service, also check the spam folders in the mail for the presence of letters from the service. If you still haven't received a ticket, then you will be offered an equivalent replacement or money will be refunded.

Q When does Ticket City stop selling tickets?

It depends on the event. Sometimes sales stop 6 hours before the show starts, sometimes you can buy a ticket at the last moment.

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