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Eventbrite Pros:

  • Excellent support service that contacts customers both before and after the event
  • Simple, elegant, user interface
  • Convenient monitoring functions for tracking sales
  • It’s easy to find the right events
  • Good prices for private buyers

 Eventbrite Cons:

  • Discounts only for non-profit and charitable organizations
  • Strict cancellation and refund policy

Eventbrite Summary:

The site is undoubtedly among the top in its industry. There are many more positive reviews about the service than negative ones. Most of all, users do not like the strictness in observing the rules of returns and cancellations: service employees rarely make any concessions to customers and act only according to the rules. It is worth noting that the site is very versatile, it is a service for organizing events and selling tickets. The service successfully forms an open website with search and filters from events. The site works very smoothly, technical failures rarely happen, for this, users love this service very much. It is also worth emphasizing that according to user reviews, with a high degree of trust in the service, the site rarely faces problems such as fraud. Among the good points of the service is also integration with Facebook, which allows people to buy tickets without leaving their accounts. At the same time, it is worth noting that among British users the rating of the site is quite low, It is from British users that most complaints about the work of the service and claims are received. The company’s executives listen to criticism and try to do everything possible to gain the trust of customers. For example, according to co-founder Julia Hartz, a lot of attention is currently being paid to optimizing decentralized sales. “This is a new form of marketing that allows you to place events directly in the news feed, applications, and electronic mailboxes of potential visitors. Our goal is to present your event to the right consumer and provide the opportunity for a simplified transaction,” says Julia.

What is Eventbrite?

Eventbrite is a unique website of its kind. The company was created in America. The site allows users to perform many functions. For example, a user can not only buy tickets but also organize an event. You can also promote events using this service. The service is designed so that the organizers of the events pay the site directly. For this, the site sells tickets. The year of creation of the service is considered 2006, although the project was conceived much earlier. At first, the company worked only in America (the office was opened only in San Francisco). Eventbrite started working abroad in 2021, starting in the UK: the first international office was opened there. The founders of the company are Kevin and Julia Hartz. Having extensive experience in PayPal, Kevin was well versed in the nuances and details of this kind of work, so he took over the technical aspects of business organization. The company developed quite quickly and confidently. Experts called the service one of the most successful, noting that the site aroused great interest from young people. In 2018, an event took place that played a big role in the promotion of the company and the success of the service. It was in 2018 that Eventbrite acquired the Spanish ticket service Ticketea. World experts called the deal very profitable and thoughtful. This integration is recognized as one of the most successful integrations of recent years. Earlier in 2017, Eventbrite decided to buy Ticketfly from Pandora, but third-party experts do not consider this deal very successful. At the moment, the company continues to develop actively. Julia Hartz actively promotes the idea of disturbing commerce, which she constantly says in her interviews. According to Julia, only this strategy helps to optimally attract a new audience to their events, and customers can comfortably make purchases.

How does Eventbrite work?

The site works according to a simple, accessible scheme. Using the site is very simple. The service presents to the user a page with a brief description of the event and a “ticket” button. First of all, the site offers you to get acquainted with the events that take place directly in your region, including online. For example, if you live in Turkey, then you will be provided with a list of events that is suitable in your region or in Turkish.

For example, by offering you an online event, the site will provide an opportunity to register, add an event to the calendar and provide you with a link to join the event in Zoom. If participation in the event is free, then the site earns money from the fact that the organizer pays money for posting information about the event. That is, if the entrance to the event is free, then the visitor only needs to register. If the tickets are paid, then you will need to pay. Many users of the service like the way the service forms an open website with search and filters from events.

Those who believe that the service works at a loss are mistaken because the company benefits from each visitor: for example, today a visitor to the site received a free ticket, and after a while, he organizes something himself and will come to an already familiar service for this. Experts say that the so-called “network effect” affects the earnings of the site.

In general, most users rate the work of the service as very effective and declare that using the site once, they use it again.

Can you trust  Eventbrite?

This site is legit reliable and safe. However, to answer the EPA “Can I trust this site? ” you should carefully study the terms of the agreement and the policy of this service. Sometimes it is an inattentive reading of the rules that subsequently causes various problems. So, to avoid misunderstandings, you need to familiarize yourself with the Terms of Service. In essence, Eventbrite helps users in an easy and fast way to create various profiles related to a variety of events. The service guarantees the legality of its activities and encourages users to trust, but at the same time is not responsible for what happens at the events directly, But this is not surprising, this is a standard scheme for all ticket sales sites. It is also worth remembering that Eventbrite is not the creator, organizer, or owner of the events that it offers to the attention of users. This is a very important point that many users forget about. Eventbrite simply provides its services that allow site users to manage their tickets and events. The organizer is solely responsible for the event. Unfortunately, it often happens that netizens mistakenly believe that the site should control everything from the first to the last minute, including events taking place directly at the event. Therefore, when answering the question “Can I trust this service”, you, first of all, have to answer the question “What do I expect from this service”? and only then make a decision.

Eventbrite customer service

Before contacting the service support service, users are advised to familiarize themselves with the list of the most popular questions. In most cases, users find the answer to their questions there. If you have not found the answer to your question, then you are offered to contact the support service directly, for this you need to register.

You can create a new account, or you can use an existing Google or Facebook account. It is worth noting that the support service of service is more aimed at avoiding “live communication” with users. At least that’s the impression one gets. Because before answering the phone or writing an email, you are offered a million options to communicate through already prepared questions. Many clients, by the way, write about how it annoys them a lot. In order not to go from page to page for a long time, we offer you a link, going to which you can immediately write an email https://www.eventbrite.com/support/contact-us. The phone number where you can be helped during business hours from 9 to 17 is 1-877-620-9578. However, according to many users of the service, issues are solved much faster by email or by interactive chat, which can be enabled on the site. The company’s phone number for UK residents is +44 8081689320. Important! Do not wait for help from the support service on official holidays: most likely you will be asked to contact the service during business hours.

How much are  Eventbrite fees?

Fees are a normal and generally accepted link in the work of most legit reliable and safe companies of a similar orientation. At the minimum fare, Eventbrite takes an extremely neat commission of 2% and 80 cents for a paid ticket, free remains free. Important! It is such fees that are calculated extremely rarely. Because the amount of fees always depends on a lot of factors. For example, the price of the ticket itself is very important. The number of fees can be 10 and 20 percent. It all depends on what kind of service we are talking about and what kind of event. In addition, a discount system is often used, it is worth following the ads of the service. Fees are legal. Do not confuse fees with state taxes. Often, when buying tickets, the buyer pays a tax and mistakenly confuses this tax with the fees that the service charges for its services. The amount of state tax differs in each city in each country and each State. Important! When working with the site, there are also many good points, there are also free options. For example, it is known that the site charges only for the promotion of paid tickets, this does not apply to free goods. The organizers of free events have many options for cooperation with the service. In general, as for the system of fees, this system is very flexible and usually changes from the position of being interested in network users to returning to the site again.

Eventbrite cancellation fee

The most important thing that the user should remember about the refund for the ticket: in most cases, only the payment for the ticket will be returned to you, the number of fees and taxes will not be refunded to you. It is this moment that is problematic for many because many users inattentively read the agreement and expect the entire amount when returning. If the fees can still be refunded depending on the circumstances and the event, then the tax will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Eventbrite makes a refund of the ticket fee if the event is canceled or if the buyer has been charged for the same ticket several times by mistake. Important! The buyer himself must request a refund within seven days after the cancellation of the event.

If you want to cancel an order, then you need to do the following: Find the order you want to cancel and click the “Actions” button. Then select cancel or delete the order. If you are a member, you can cancel your free order by going to the Tickets section. There are the least problems with free events: orders are easily and quickly canceled.

Ticket Guarantee

What the service can guarantee: The service guarantees, first of all, the legality of its actions, guarantees the legality of transactions that are carried out on the website platform. It is important that, in turn, the service clarifies: the refund policy varies depending on the type of event and the organizer. To guarantee a refund to the buyer, the service management asks the organizers to place the rules on the appropriate page of the event; As for the legitimacy of tickets, this item is guaranteed directly by the organizer of the event and the seller. The most important point: the Service itself does NOT guarantee a refund and redirects all questions about tickets to the organizer, relieving itself of all responsibility.

Eventbrite scams

As for cases of fraud, they are faced by almost any website selling tickets to events. Unfortunately, precedents tend to occur due to unscrupulous ticket sellers and event organizers. Even though the company’s executives assure that they are doing everything possible to prevent fraud, such cases still occur: sometimes the buyer does not receive his tickets, sometimes he receives tickets with the wrong name, or for a completely different event, where tickets are sold much cheaper. You can see a lot of dissatisfied reviews on the web.

In recent months, the company has begun to check more closely the sellers and organizers with whom it cooperates, because during the coronavirus pandemic there was a large decline in activity and at the same time a large surge in fraud attempts. If you encounter a case of fraud on the site, you need to immediately report it to the support service.

Q Are Eventbrite tickets legit?

Yes, this site is legit, reliable and safe. The site meets all the necessary security requirements, and the site also complies with confidentiality measures. User data is not transferred for selfish purposes and is not disclosed. The company's management declares that it pays great attention to trustworthiness and legitimacy. It is also known that the company's employees are doing everything possible to prevent the spread of fake electronic tickets and strive to gain the trust of users. This site is a reliable ticket source, which is used all over the world even though opinions about the functionality of the platform are divided.

Q What happens if tickets don't arrive?

In this case, the organizer of the event or the ticket seller must refund you the money for the ticket or offer an equivalent replacement. If you have not received a ticket in time, then you need to contact the support service as soon as possible.

Q When does Eventbrite stop selling tickets?

In the case of this service, there is such a thing as a "deadline" on the part of the company, there are deadlines in each particular service, and I become the seller or the organizer of the event.

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