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Live Nation Pros:

  • Good protection from scammers
  • Good work of the support service
  • Continuous development and optimization of technical processes

Live Nation Cons:

  • Not too much choice of events
  • Sometimes there are delays in the delivery of tickets
  • High fees

Live Nation Summary:

The company enjoys the trust of users since it has been on the market for many years and operates in various directions. Live Nation Entertainment includes various areas, including venue management, ticket sales, marketing, and artist management. This gives the company a widely diversified business and allows you to consolidate costs, which many competitors cannot afford. After the merger with Ticketmaster, the degree of trust in the company increased even more because Ticketmaster’s guarantees extended to this service. As for the somewhat meager selection of artists and events, the company is currently working in this direction. In general, experts write in their articles that right now the company is at an important stage of its development and the success of the company in the future depends on how the economic policy of the service will be salted right now. It is no secret that the crisis associated with the coronavirus pandemic has had a strong impact on many companies associated with the distinctions industry. Live Nation Entertainment was no exception and mass cancellations of events had a bad effect on the service. However, in recent months, the situation has stabilized and the company’s work is again experiencing significant growth. As for the negative reviews about the company, there is a lot of criticism directed at problems with ticket delivery and some technical design projects.

What is Live Nation?

Live Nation Entertainment, Inc. is a company formed after the merger of Live Nation and Ticketmaster in 2010. The company is very diverse, simultaneously operates in several directions, and has successfully established itself on the world market. Company h only sells tickets in America and abroad, the company has many other functions. For example, the company owns several entertainment venues and produces many musicians. It should be noted that after the merger with Ticketmaster, the CEO of the company has not changed, Michael Rapino remained. Michael is called one of the most experienced and successful directors in the entertainment industry. For many years, he managed to keep even the most insignificant details of the work under control, he paid attention to every detail and every even the most insignificant complaint. Michael often personally intervenes in the company’s affairs without shifting the work to assistants. It is worth noting that Michael was one of those who always believed in the success of the merger. He was not intimidated by the fact that in 2009 several regulatory authorities opposed the merger of companies, as well as many artists and competitors. The reason for the protests was the assumption that the merger of the companies stimulated a significant increase in ticket prices.

After the merger did happen, many recognized the fact that the decision to merge was tactically and strategically correct. The company has been developing very successfully, but during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, it was Live Nation that became one of the companies most affected by the crisis. When the mass cancellation of entertainment events began and a wave of cancellations and refunds started, the company experienced a severe crisis. Live Nation was even sued for the fact that the company did not make all refunds on cancellations. At the moment, it is known that the company has revised several cancellation rules and improved the work scheme.

How does Live Nation work?

Live Nation works according to the principle developed and generally accepted for all ticket sales campaigns. We emphasize that the company works in several directions. If we are talking directly about ticket sales, the system works as follows: you select the event or performer you are interested in in the search bar.

Some users complain that not all the pages of the service are translated into English, but this does not prevent them from placing an order.

After you have found the right event or performer, the service will offer you a choice of several options with which you can buy a ticket.

It is known that recently the site managers have initiated a lot of work to optimize the technical process and now the process has become much simpler.

Before using the site, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules, after reading which you will understand your duties and the duties of the service representatives. For example, the list of rules states that you cannot use the Website (or any part of it) for any illegal purposes. Also, the service has certain requirements for content. Content should not be offensive and contain obscene expressions. The service must reserve the right, if necessary, to change the terms and conditions and not notify customers about it beforehand.

To use the site and make purchases without hindrance, you need to register. To complete registration on the site, you will receive a confirmation email, there you will see a link to which you need to click to confirm the address. If you don’t see the email, then check if the email is in the Spam folder. Another very important nuance: the ticket seller may refuse to sell you and the service cannot prevent this circumstance. In this case, you are recommended to contact the service employees by email at info@livenation.it.

Can you trust Live Nation?

The degree of trust in the service has significantly increased after the merger with the Ticketmaster service. Many people know how seriously the management of Ticketmaster treats compliance with all guarantees because users automatically trust the subsidiary company. To decide for yourself whether to trust the company, first of all, you must determine your priorities. What exactly do you expect from the service? What is the most important thing for you? Large selection of whitewash, fast delivery, or low price.

The company’s executives strongly urge users to trust them. The company’s slogan reads: “Our goal is to maintain your trust and confidence by handling your personal information with respect and putting you in control. ” The company is trying to do everything possible to inspire confidence and an important step in this is attention to the implementation of all the rules. The website claims that the management does not use the data of its customers for illegal purposes under any circumstances. Yes, when creating an account, the site stores some information about customers. This information is used solely to help customers visit their favorite shows, exchange news, for marketing purposes, and in other cases provided by law. Experts say that the service is trustworthy, legit, reliable, and safe. Customer reviews after a wave of negativity in 2020 also began to differ in loyalty. If a year ago, due to scandals with refunds, the company’s rating fell sharply several times and revenues decreased by 84 percent, now the situation has gradually begun to improve.

Live Nation customer service

You can contact the company’s representatives both on the ticket sales website and on the company’s main website https: //www.livenationentertainment.com/contact/. You will be asked to fill out a form in which you will ask the question you are interested in.

If the list of the most frequently asked questions and categories did not help you find the answer to the question, then you will be asked to fill out the appropriate form in which, leaving your data, you will be able to ask the question you are interested in. For example, in the British version of the site, this window looks like this:

Important! You need to contact the support service that works directly in your country, for this, when working with the site, you should choose a region.

As for the efficiency of the support service, opinions on this matter vary greatly. Many are satisfied with the actions of the support service, and many people think that the employees are inattentive. The reason is that different employees work for each country. For example, in Italy, they are satisfied with the work of the support service, but in Britain, they are not. The company takes note of all complaints and tries to optimize the process of contacting customers. If we talk about how quickly customer problems are solved, then the information is also different. If we are talking about refunds, then there are a lot of complaints to the support service. The largest number of complaints was received at the peak of the pandemic crisis when all events were massively canceled. At the moment, the work of the support service was going well.

How much is the Live Nation fee

Live Nation is a legit reliable and safe company that operates according to standard and globally accepted schemes. For example, an integral part of the company’s work is the collection of so-called fees, the amount of which starts from 10 percent of the ticket price. Let’s explain what fees are and what they are for.

Initially, the buyer should understand that in the case of resale of tickets, the listing prices are determined by the seller, and for some events, Live Nation may not be the main ticket supplier. Prices can often be very different from the market. That is why the number of fees can change along with the price. Fees are a payment to the service for the services provided for processing and implementation of the purchase and sale transaction.

All over the world, such a system is commonly called “Dynamic pricing”.

Fees are service fees, order processing fees, and shipping fees. Fees are the source of the company’s profit, but most of the fees go specifically to software support and transaction execution.

Fees will be added to the ticket price in almost all cases. The number of fees varies depending on the event, depending on the agreement with each partner (seller). What is the order processing fee? These are also fees. The fee is charged once for each order. Delivery fees may vary.

It is important to remember that the delivery options are determined by users and may vary. The service offers a choice of several different options for ticket delivery, which is why the price varies greatly. The list of options includes electronic tickets, mail-order tickets, pickup, etc. Important! In addition to fees, there are also taxes. We are talking about state and local taxes that have nothing to do with service fees. These taxes are usually included in the face value of the ticket or fees.

Live Nations  cancellation fee

The issue of money refund has always been and remains one of the most urgent for customers of any ticketing company. According to the company’s policy, the service cannot exchange, return, unless the event has been officially canceled or postponed. When transferring, by the way, the ticket remains valid and it does not need to be received again. As for the refund, the refund is made to the same card with which the payment was made. The refund may take several working days, then as initially, the ticket seller must confirm the cancellation of the event. The money is refunded in full, but we are talking exclusively about the ticket price. Taxes are not refunded, and the cost of ticket delivery is also not refunded. It is worth noting that during the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of complaints were received by the company because the service could not cope with a large number of refunds. In addition, the problem arose in the fact that a lot of concerts were postponed, and according to the company’s policy, money is not returned when transferring. There were even court hearings on this issue, after which the company’s executives pledged to review the refund policy and make it more loyal. For example, the date for which the concert was postponed, the number of days or months will be taken into account.

Ticket Guarantee

The company guarantees the legal execution of purchase and sale transactions and the fact that the tickets will be delivered on time. In many ways, the company’s guarantees correspond to Ticketmaster’s guarantees, after the merger of the two companies, many points in the work were optimized and consolidated. Even though the tickets are sold by the seller and not by the service, the service guarantees the legality of the tickets. The policy of the service assumes a thorough check of sellers and the tickets they sell. The company is legit, reliable and safe. The company’s management on the pages of the website states that the company strives to maintain high standards of business conduct and corporate governance, which are necessary for the effective conduct of our business, which is also a guarantee of the quality of services for customers. The company also guarantees a refund if the event was canceled or the ticket that the customer bought was invalid. In addition, the company guarantees not to use the user’s data that he gives to the service when buying a ticket. All actions of the company are carried out exclusively within the framework of the law.

Live Nations Ticketmaster  scams

Complaints of fraud against the company are received mainly due to high fees and prices. Claims about fake electronic tickets rarely appear in reviews. The fact is that after the merger with Ticketmaster, much more attention was paid to verifying the identity of the seller and tickets. Therefore, the issue of distrust began to decrease and there was no fraud regarding the authenticity of tickets. But the prices and fees did not suit many.

The company’s management declares that it is doing everything possible so that in the future the company will remain a reliable ticket source that is known and trusted all over the world. It is important that all complaints and claims are considered by management. This is a big plus in the work of the service. The team often conducts its investigations of situations in which the seller and the buyer will blame each other. As a result, in most cases, the truth turns out to be the fact that both parties inattentively read the user agreement.

Q Are Live Nations tickets legit?

The tickets are legal. The management treats this moment with great responsibility. However, if you have any doubts about the legality of the tickets received, contact the support service immediately.

Q What happens if tickets don't arrive?

In this situation, your damage will be reimbursed and the money for the ticket will be refunded.

Q When does Live Nations stop selling tickets?

Depends on the event and the venue. As a rule, sales stop 6 hours before the start, but this does not apply to all concerts.

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